This Freeride foil built of aluminium and carbon is stable and really versatile for a performance foiling program.

The Hybrid Aluminium/Carbon Freeride 600 is made of:
- Mast Aluminium 90cm
- Front Wing Carbon Freeride 600cm²
- Fuselage SST Carbon Freeride 42cm
- Stabilizer Carbon Freeride 300cm²
- KF-Box

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This full carbon foil gathers the best of design and technology to reach amazing racing performances.
The Foil Carbon Race 510 is made of:
- Mast Full Carbon Race 95cm
- Front Wing Carbon Race 510cm²
- Fuselage SST Carbon Race 38cm
- Stabilizer Carbon Race 210cm²
- KF-Box

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Foil boards


Compact in design to reduce the wind drag, the top deck of the F-ONE foilboards is concaved to maximize comfort and control. The bottom is particularly shaped and uses a precisely tuned concave with side Vs, combined with a strong nose rocker to soften the impact when the board touches down. The rails are high and inverted to reduce drag when the board meets the water while edging hard upwind.
Two foilboards are available in carbon series: the 49 and the 47.

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Available in three diffeOrder widths, these boards were created to be 100% dedicated to foiling with tailored characteristics to meet the requirements of this new discipline.

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Sup foils

MAGIC Sup Foil

The aim here was to create two sizes of SUP boards designed to take-off on average or poor quality waves, large or small. This was a golden opportunity to start from a blank page and make no compromises. We wanted to achieve take off as early as possible and then gain enough speed on the wave to lift off and foil. On the two MAGIC sizes, 8’6 and 9’6, the entire shape has been thought towards foiling. Outline, rocker, volume distribution, box locations and feet positions, everything is made to get you up on the foil. This is something totally new. These boards are quite long and narrow to allow for a better take-off on outside reef waves which are less powerful. Being slightly longer, the 9’6 will allow easier take-offs.

Size 8’6’’ x 28.5'' 9’6’’ x 28.5''
Dimensions 259 x 72.5 cm 289 x 72.5 cm
Volume 115 L 130 L
Weight 7.60 kg* 8.30 kg*
Boitier Deep K.F Box Deep K.F Box

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OCEAN Sup Foil

The aim here is to surf the ocean swell downwind to lift off with a race supfoil and glide off as far as possible. This type of practice is a little more restrictive as it requires the right logistics and weather forecast, but what a feeling it is to glide above the swell with nothing more than a SUP and a paddle.

Size 10’ x 26''
Dimensions 305 x 66 cm
Volume 151 L
Weight 8.10 kg*
Boitier Deep K.F Box

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The moment we decided to get our SUP boards on foils, the PAPENOO presented itself as the obvious and ideal choice. Its planing hull is ideal to get up to speed and facilitates the transition between the surfing phase and flying phase. Its compact shape also naturally provides the right balance over the foil and makes it more maneuverable in flight. The PAPENOO Foil is ideal for waves around 1m as it only requires a little bit of power to start flying. It is also a fantastic board to learn how to foil towing behind a boat. It just needs the rider to be standing up with their feet in the correct position to get going, no need to waterstart. Just let the boat reach the required speed and you can trigger the flight !

Size 7’7’’ x 29'' 7’11’’ x 30.5''
Dimensions 3231 x 74 cm 3242 x 77 cm
Volume 110 L 123 L
Weight 8.8 kg* 7 kg*
Boitier Deep K.F Box Deep K.F Box

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Yes, 20 years down the road, F-ONE is offering a windsurfing board,again!! After 4 years of work on the kitefoil, we’ve received demand from windsurfers and we have designed specific wings to offer them the products they need. Then came along the question of the board and the PAPENOO Foil convertible appeared ideal for “windfoiling” !

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