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ANAKAO 8’0’’/8’6’’/8’10’’/9’1’’/9’5’’

The ANAKAO range opens the doors of surfing and stand-up will help you progress.
Rowing speed, excellent grip, lean angle instinctive and perfect balance in the curve make them extremely healthy ANAKAO in all waves.
They were developed with the help of our experienced surfer Rémi QUIQUE and our Tahitian waterman Patrice CHANZY. In terms of shape, we find everything that made the success of these boards: Rocker round enough for maneuverability but fast enough for acceleration, outline pinched at the back for maximum traction and drive. By their moderate width on the front, ANAKAO are light in the maneuvers and offer a very good passage of foam. ANAKAO entire range is equipped with bevels to make the most effective and easy rails possible.
Real wave boards with a very wide range of use, the ANAKAO are the ideal weapon for fun in all conditions and wave sizes. radical or large surf curves, you will find a ANAKAO for your template and your technical level. New in the 2017 range, the family receives a ANAKAO 8'0 ''.

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MADEIRO 8’0’’/8’3’’ /’8’5’’ / 8’8’’

Acceleration, maximum lean angle, cornering, off the lip at midday and re-entry .... the Madeiro offer exceptional reactivity to make the most of each wave. These boards are from the pro team, they are developed by our best riders.
With their slides to the exceptional oar, the take-off is fast, accelerating towards the bottom turn immediate and very instinctive angle shot. Balance front / rear in the surf is perfect and you can focus only on the wave and not on the management of the board.
Needless to force or move excessively feet to rotate everything is fluid. It is easier to follow the progress of the wave and trace her curves.
Small sizes (<8'0 '') are pure high performance surfboards, very balanced and particularly reactive to an explosive surfing!
Intermediate sizes (8'0 '', 8'3 '') offer a very dynamic behavior with a volume that allows all templates to comment on the water with a progressive and committed surfing.
The larger sizes (8'5 '', 8'8 '') are very accessible and highly stable while keeping an impressive responsiveness, to allow larger gauges or less experienced to express themselves in the waves. The BAMBOO DECK construction available sizes 8'0 '' to 8'8 ''. Fully proven by years of experience, this construction is a compromise weight / resistance very reliable. The bamboo bridge offers high impact resistance and compression while multiple hull reinforcements give the board great strength.
Construction PRO CARBON is available throughout the range of 6'8 '' to 8'8 ''. The bridge is built from glass reinforcements, a full layer of bamboo and biaxial carbon fabric. The keel for its part receives a high density foam sandwich with glass reinforcements and biaxial carbon fabric. The finish is brushed to reduce the maximum weight.
This construction brings the range Madeiro high strength and an impressive lightness. It improves the ratio weight / strength and get the boards among the best and lightest on the market.

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MANAWA 9’ et 9’6’’ (blue) / 10’ et 10’6’’ (green)

The range has been designed to provide boards fully accessible, stable and versatile.
Ideal for excursions in the sea or rivers or lakes, they also allow you to surf your first wave.
The four planks of the range allow everyone to find the right ratio volume / length depending on its weight and level. Ideal for beginners and those with an intermediate level, they will accompany you during your learning. With their rather round outline, their hard rocker, they slide easily and allow to surf some powerful waves. Thanks to their high stability, they guide you well during your first surf and forgive your mistakes. Once you have more technique, you will be surprised by their easy handling
The MANAWA 10'6 '' enjoying the technology COMPOSITE SHIELD AIR is built around a lightweight EPS foam core injected into a mold to its own shape. This core is then laminated with fiberglass and epoxy resin in another mold, all wrapped in a shield consisting of a layer of high quality topsheet. A reinforcing carbon was added at the feet area to strengthen the bridge while maintaining the light weight of the board. Through its manufacturing technology, the MANAWA 10'6 '' A.S.C. is very light, dynamic and extremely durable. Its new construction combined with recognized qualities of MANAWA shapes make it a stable and versatile board accessible to all.

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NOOSA et NOOSA PRO 8’6’’/9’’/9’6’’

The longboard spirit in Stand UpPaddle:
In recent years the tendency is to ride boards shorter and shorter but wide to keep the volume and stability. But it would not have an interest in returning to another style?
Surfing offers a multitude of shapes and why not the longboard style for SUP? It is first of all the original form of the first stand-up and offers some advantages.
The length gives the gliding speed especially with a narrow width and this facilitates the take-off. The small width also allows for easy rail engagement and acceleration in the wave.
We worked on the rocker for the board slips when it is on its hull but still handy when surfing on the back. NOOSA is the impressive maneuverability and ease given its length.
What is very surprising with its shape is that you can surf small waves with its speed but also bigger because we can plant the rail while keeping control. The takeoff is also easier in the large slip through his rowing.
It has the gliding feeling and look of the longboard and allow you to make figures on the nose.
The NOOSA is also available as PRO. With its carbon technology and ultra light weight record, it provides a unique experience and allow you to make the most of all the waves you will be taking.

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PAPENOO 7’7’’/7’11’’

PAPENOO PRO 6’10’’/7’3’’/7’7’’/7’11’’

Our SUP range widens including the arrival of PAPENOO models that can be classified in style "SUP short". Program: shutter speed and maneuverability to operate low-power waves like never before!
The initial goal was a designer of the shortest working hard to improve its agility and maneuverability. A fairly rectangular outline was the solution to keep the hull surface and volume. We also worked particularly the riding these boards. The PAPENOO have a shape with an original planing hull as efficient and enjoyable to ride.
Shape design:
With enough rectangular outline, we could keep the volume while keeping a reasonable width. Because it is inefficient to make ultra wide boards that do not take speed. Rocker is adapted to its short shape, ie rather strained to keep the speed, maneuverability is ensured by its short length. We opted for a usual thickness to maintain control.
The originality comes from its bottom shape that has a single concave very strong third front to the tail with side dishes. These side plates are V on the front to soften the rails jacks. The wide rear guided the provision of fins to mount quattro so that they are placed on the sides of the single concave and the nearest rails.
In surfing:
With its new outline short, you can choose a shorter board than half a foot than the usual length of your board, while keeping a sheet of impressive stability. It is even possible to reduce your usual one inch width to gain scalability. At take-off, it will surprise you with his departure on very small waves. The PAPENOO is made for waves of 0.40 m to 1.50 m. You must then use it wisely it a little different shape: The board quickly gaining speed and gives the impression of hovering just above the water. Once this sensation acquired, the board lets surf gently, like air cushion and performs all operations without requiring brutal supports. A flexible pipe is then more appropriate rather than planting track with force.

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RACE PRO 12’6’’/14’’

RACE PRO range consists of two very specific models: 12'6 and 14 '. Both models have undergone big changes for 2017 to achieve an ever higher level of performance.
Available in 25.5 '' or 27 '' wide, the 12'6 is an ultra versatile board to perform in competition. His taut rocker gives it speed on the flat while the shape and volume of the raised bow allow it to negotiate the bumps without baking. Its hull platform offers a very dynamic behavior while a progressive V on the back improves the flow. The round rails on the front moving towards sharp and square rails on the back to keep a good grip surfing. The outline and volume distribution give these boards excellent stability while the tail square allows to move easily on the back for negotiating buoys passages.
True to the ethics F-ONE create comprehensive products, 14 'is a typical board ocean but able to perform in all conditions. Rocker tense and pinched outline on the back makes the very effective on flat while his new bow raised and still bulky allows him to excel in more choppy conditions and in downwind. In particular, the volume distribution with its pinched back allows the rider to restrict his movements on the board to focus on his train and its path in the bumps. With its hull plate, the board is dynamic and responsive, it fits easily on the desired trajectory. V is gradually drawn on the back of the hull to improve the flow in the tail. The rails are rounded on the front and becoming more pronounced at the back. They thus give the board a good grip and contributes to the excellent stability offered by this 14 'which is available in 25' 'and 27' 'wide.
Built using the technology CARBON COMPOSITE with implementation vacuum around a core EPS, these boards receive a brushed finish to achieve a particularly light weight and impressive strength. Double bamboo patch is located under the feet to avoid depressions.
Armed with these boards, pro riders do not need prototypes to match international competition.

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Directly after the successful collaboration combining F-ONE experiences and that of the peerless rower Ludovic DULOU the PronePaddleboard 12 'has already forged a strong track record on global best events.
With its taut rocker, he excels on the flat while the shape and volume of the stem brings the versatility to perform in all types of conditions, including the Downwind course.
Boasting its large volume, stability, slides and emphasizing its cradle were all improved on this 2017 model for better performance and easier.
This board has the potential to reach the best places on any course with its construction "full carbon" which guarantees a lighter weight for maximum performance.

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TOURING 11’/12’6’’/14’

The range of touring F-ONE beautifully combines performance, versatility and aesthetics.
Boasting of developments in PRO range, it is designed to perform in many conditions: long distance, beachrace, downwind, fitness ... They are also developed on many criteria: flat water speed, speed upwind in chop wind stability through, start to surf in the waves for the downwind, ease in changing direction ... with their great performance, they remain stable, accessible and even allow you to surf.
Their construction combines a bamboo bridge with marquetry effect and a laminated hull vacuum that achieves a weight / exceptional reliability. TOURING The range offers three sizes with models of 11 ', 12'6' 'and 14'. Their shapes are modern with a pronounced bow hull but a fairly flat at the front and a homogeneous distribution of volumes for better performance following the example of developed shapes for the range Race Pro. Their elegant lines are renowned for their performance and versatility. They offer an unexpected feeling of gliding. Everything was done so you can take maximum pleasure in navigation.

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